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fiber flooring in york paFiber flooring has steadily become a popular choice in both commercial buildings and residential homes across York, PA. It is actually a fiberglass-based sheet rock that is favored for its durability and easy maintenance.

This type of laminate flooring enables floors to remain flat over time and provide much more stability than vinyl flooring. Creation Services Group sells and installs fiber flooring in any room you are looking for a sheet product.

Fiber Flooring Is Great For Most Any Room

Fiber Flooring is more realistic looking than vinyl flooring and more closely resembles actual wood or cement. Fiber Flooring is most commonly used in the following rooms:

Being that it is fiberglass, fiber floors are much more resilient than vinyl flooring. Fiber is a little more costly than vinyl flooring, but winds up being cheaper in the long run because installation is so simple. With vinyl floor replacement, there is a need to rip up the old floor, which could be both messy and costly. There is tremendous flexibility when installing fiber flooring as it can lay it over anything, including the following types of flooring:

  • Existing vinyl floor
  • Concrete
  • Wood floor
  • Plywood sub floor

Fiber Flooring Is More Durable And Longer Lasting Than Vinyl

Creation Services Group will line up your new fiber floor and adhere it in what is a quick installation process. We skim coat them without having to tear out a floor. This can be used in a basement over just a layer of concrete. Fiber flooring does not crack, curl or dry out the way vinyl does. The seams do not separate after a few years as fiber floors are chemically bonded to ensure long-lasting durability. There are different kind of commercial and residential grades of fiber flooring.

Installation does not require a perfectly smooth service or layer of luan (1/4″ plywood) during the installation process. That makes for a quicker cheaper overall service. Creation Services Group provides a wide selection of fiber floors, some with a wood look, some with a concrete look as well as many different colors and styles. Fiber flooring is typically a one or two-day job with Creation Services Group. Our team can get a hold of the product right away which means virtually no wait times for our customers.

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