Water Damage Restoration

When water begins to leak in a home, it is often a time of panic for homeowners. Stress immediately sets in as many homeowners are uncertain of how to fix such an issue. Just one phone call to Creation Services Group is all it takes to have a specialist in your home within the hour. We have an emergency unit on call 24 hours a day to get to homes in York county as well as other surrounding water-damage-restorationcounties.

Find the source of the water and STOP IT!

Creation Services will get right to work stopping the leak. We will then remain on site to restore your life to its normal standard of living. We don’t litigate a job and come back three weeks later. We stay on the job and progress as quickly as possible. Our entire team also understands how emotional of a time this can be for homeowners. That is why we are very sensitive to their needs.

Next we dry out thoroughly

Creation Services Group will stop leak before we do anything. Then there can be the matter of pumping out, drying out and, if necessary, carrying out excess water. Once the water leak is stopped, we will then begin fixing the leak and restoring your home right away. Next, we will attend to any other damage caused by the leak. If dry wall or wiring needs fixing, we can take care of both of those issues. We can also take care of any painting that might need to be done as a result of your leak.

The most important thing to do when water is leaking is to turn off the water source. There are usually two main reasons for a water leak and they are as follows:

  • Pipe Break – This is the most common cause of a water leak. The main reason is usually due to a break in the water supply line which could even affect a residence that is broken up into various units.
  • Hot water heater break – Hot water heaters only have so many years of life before they will fail. When they do fail, it often causes a flood and can leave quite a mess in basements.

Was it clean water or dirty water?

Stopping any leak requires the knowledge of what category of water that is leaking. For example, sewer backup is different than a class 1 water leak, which does not contain any harmful contaminants. The Creation Services Group team of in-house employees uses different methods to treat each leak. Whatever the leak, 99% of our services are all in-house as we only use a sub contractor on an unusually large job, although those instances are very rare.

Water Damage Restoration in York county, Lebanon county, Lancaster county, Perry county, Dauphin county or Cumberland County is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are only one phone call away from having your water leak stopped and your home restored to the way it was. It is as easy as picking up the phone and calling Creation Services Group.

Rick Reinert-Creation Services Group

“I personally stand behind all of our work. Creation Services Group provides you with unmatched customer service, expertise & great value.”

Rick Reinert – Owner

“Went above and beyond what we expected. We have already recommended your services to others and will certainly use your company again in the future.”

From Tom & Mary – York, PA

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